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So today was our first "real" day in Rabbit Valley outside Grand Junction. Tom and I dreamed up a little surprise when were planning the trip that we thought would be funny since our first day was Halloween. Tom stopped at a thrift store in Denver and bought 10 flamboyant ladies dresses and after everyone was geared up we called the group together and pulled an Oprah, "You get a dress! and you get a dress and YOU get a dress - everyone gets a dress!"

Here's some individuals shots so you'll know who's who for the rest of the report.

Tom spend hours trying on dresses before he settled on this one. As Chris says, "He's so tall and skinny he looks good in any dress."

James shows some leg.

Christian scored the Husaberg dress for his CR but looks just smashing.

Clipper threw on this little number which was a perfect match to the CRF.

Flanny almost knocked over people trying to get the pink dress - we almost had a cat fight over this one.

Gino's first question was if he could keep the dress.

I went little house on the prairie.

Chris' first comment when he picked out his, "Oh my god - it's Vera Wang!!" sadly it didn't fit...

John is too sexy for his dress, oooh, too sexy for that dress.

Rabbit Valley was just wonderful riding with a variety of terrain.

Christian's tire spun on the rim and we took a minute to straighten it. These aren't remarkable shots except for the fact that we're wearing dresses. At this point we met a couple of local guys and they didn't know quite what to to make of 9 guys on bikes wearing dresses.

Clipper's fanny pack gave him some serious booty.

At night when everyone was looking at photos I heard Christian say, "Oh, man, this photo would have been perfect except I'm wearing a dress!"

John's Husa stopped again and luckily the rocket scientist of the group, Chris, saw that the fuel pump plug had come unplugged. I just like the fact that we're all in dresses.

So that was our first day.

In dresses.

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