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ah yes, our azorean friend with many questions and imaginative capabilities unburdened at times by the constraints of reality. i was wondering how his progress had been going...

regarding carb placement, if i recall, the 2-1 manifold pushes the carb back a bit, and there will be some interesting space/fit issues to contend with there. another option you could consider would be trying to find/fit a shock with a remote reservoir, which would allow you to route boots around both sides of the shock if you ended up having to revert to the twin carb setup.

if i had the chance to do it all over again, i would probably try to wedge a ktm swingarm in there and go linkless with the shock offset to one side. crude, and not as good a suspension as a properly designed linkage, but a no-brainer with respect to the carb and airbox...
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