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[quote=davevv]Yes, the '74 is a DT360A. I think there is a slight difference in the length of the pans between some years, but the shape is the same, I believe. The shape of your seat looks more like what was on the MX360 but even then it's still too tall, and they had a different cover also. Maybe CEET intended for you to be able to trim their foam?

I guess I will have to get to carving? Its just that I paid 70.00 for this foam just so I could get it and through it on....Thank you very much for posting your seat thread it looks like you found a great bike in very good shape.

My new plan it to rivet some cutting board under the inside edge of the pan as a place to staple the seat cover to,then I will cut the foam and smooth it in the same way you did. I have a friend thats going to paint the tank ,light and stay,oiltank and the fenders. The decals arent available so I will just go to a sigh shop and have some made..And then paint the chassis and I think its good to go!!!
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