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Oct 31

Guerrero Negro, Baja, Mexico

We left our wonderful hotel this morning, but not without a great story.

As we sat down for breakfast, it became apparent that our waitress kind of had the hots for Cory. It must be the large bald head, and obvious healthy look he sports that attracted her. :)

Either way, it was quite hilarious as she came back to the table time and again, singing and paying so much obvious attention to him. She first asked how old we were, then if we were married. Then she asked if he would be her boyfriend. Cory said sure. After going to get our coffee, she came back and said "Instead of my boyfriend, how about you be my husband". Cory said sure, but he didn't have a ring, so they shook on it.

I'm not sure of the legalities of the union, but for the rest of the trip, in my mind, Cory has a wife.

We found out she was 20 years old, and has 2 kids. The oldest is 6. You do the math.

As we were packing up the bikes to leave, she came over with her camera, and we took a couple (wedding) pictures with her.

Cory and the Mrs.

She kept asking when we were coming back this way. Sadly I don't think we will, so they might have a problem with the long distance aspect of their relationship (seriously.. I can't keep a straight face writing this...)

After getting on the road, we ended up riding through some gorgeous desert, full of huge cactus and awesome mountains.

We're holed up in Guerrero tonight at a hotel. 400 peso's, about $33.00 dollars per night for two people.

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