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Originally Posted by davevv
Does the new foam have holes in the bottom like the original? If so, you'll have to carve on the bottom instead of the top like I did. Hopefully you still have the original to use as a pattern.

I think I'd call CEET first and see what they have to say. Maybe they just made a mistake and sent you the wrong part. I didn't call them because it looked like they didn't have a foam specifically for the '74 available and it isn't a big job to make your own.

Good luck with it.
Called them today they said they sent me the foam for an early model and that they are working on a 72 73 model and it will be finished in a month and I could send this one back and they would send me the new one for the price of shipping..So its all good I still have to paint it and that will take a while so I have time..
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