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Hey Doug and HillBilly
You are going to have to give me some wisdom here on how to convince the Fox she don't want a cruise to the Caribbean, and wants a motorcycle ride to the Mountains of the West for our 30th anniversary! Share with me your sagely wisdom that I can use to persuade her!

Well, that's going to be a hard sell I'm afraid... I'm not an advocate of motivating by fear, so I'd suggest NOT watching "Titanic" again . Better to persuade her with visions of lofty peaks, serene mountain vistas, warm sunny days of leisurely riding through the splendor, comfortable night's lodging, good food (not campfire stuff ) , and high marks if you can stay at a place with hot springs to soak in after a long day in the saddle. When my son and I rode to Jasper and back from Lander, Wyoming we were able to find places to camp almost every night that had hot springs and it made a HUGE difference in our enjoyment.

When I met my girlfriend (now wife) four years ago she had never ridden on a motorcycle before. She knew I was crazy about it so was willing to try it. I got her a comfy helmet and jacket, loaded her on my BMW GS, and headed up a good dirt road into the Wind River Mountains outside of Lander. We rode on good dirt roads for a while, cut up a mountain on a pretty rugged two-track road, had a picnic lunch out of the cooler that was in the topcase while sitting on top of an old fire lookout tower, then headed back down the dirt roads and home on some fast gorgeous sweepers coming down South Pass. When we got back to the house I asked her how she had liked her first motorcycle ride? She responded "Can we ride this thing to Alaska some day?" I knew she was The One from that moment forward. She's a rare one, though, in my experience. She would actually prefer the solitary joy of riding through the mountains to the happy swarms on a cruise ship. She wants to be warm (not hot), sleep well at night, and wants a shower every other day and that's about it. Other than those minimal requirements she's game for about anything.

I'm a lucky guy to have found this lady at my age (53), but if you ask me I'd say you are even luckier since you've been with the Fox for 30 years. Congratulations! I say after all that time putting up with a motorcycle-crazy guy she deserves to spend her anniversary any way SHE wants to, and I'd suffer through a cruise for her (think of the points you'll earn!!). Then the following year you can arrange the Mountain West Tour of your dreams. A friend of mine loves to ride and his wife just LIKES to ride. They live in Ottowa and he loves to ride the Rockies, so he'll spend several days riding alone across the Plains and meet her in, say, Denver or Salt Lake or Rapid City or Calgary. She meets up with him, they ride all the fun glorious mountain highways, lodging as described above, then she flys home and he rides four or five more days home. (Crossing the Great Plains is drudgery, sorry but it is, and she doesn't like it so...) They love this arrangement and it works very well for them. Just an idea.

Good luck, thanks again, PM me some day if you want ride ideas, and CONGRATS on 30 years of marriage!

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