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Nice one Krusty.

Originally Posted by Krusty ...
This is the first in a series of threads I'll be starting. They will each deal with a specific aspect of the '96-current Suzuki DR650SE. The purpose of these threads is to compile information for a listing in The Bike Specific Index Thread, which is stickied at the top of the Thumpers page.
The topic for this thread is Controls & Instrumentation, and it covers a little ground. I'd like to hear what worked best for you DR650 fans out there. Or, if there's something to avoid. If you have part numbers and supplier info, please share that, too.
If the case has already been made about something in this catagory, please feel free to just put up a link to the relevant post(s). Please link to the posts, NOT THE ENTIRE THREAD, unless that thread is already limited to this topic . No need to limit your links to ADV, either.
OK, please share your success stories regarding:



OK. I'll get the ball rolling. Here is what I have and works.

- HANDLEBARS/RISERS - Procycle risers on Renthal Jimmy Button bend Bars
- FOOTPEGS/FOOTPEG LOWERING - Am happy with my knees around my ears
- GRIPS/HEATED GRIPS - When out temps never get below 26 degrees C in Northern Australia ?
- THROTTLE TUBES - Procycle quick throttle -love it for response with carby setup correctly.
- LEVERS/PEDALS - standard (haven't broken or bent yet) because I also have barkbusters (handguards)
- CABLES - Original so far because I look after them.
- GAUGES/INSTRUMENTS - Trailtech vapor - Awesome bit of gear. temp guage is very handy in hot climate (especially on the trail). Tacho handy to monitor engine speeds and gearing ratios, 12/24 hour time- saves wearing a watch, dual trip meters, great looks and adds a bit of class to the bike.

Without any of these, the DR is already a great bike. These improvements have been party function and partly personalisation of the bike.
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