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Originally Posted by GNP77
Umm, not sure. I wrote that at 4am so I very well could have made a mistake on the size. It should be the same size as the handle bar clamp bolt so yeah, likely an M8.

Edit: Yeah just double checked it and it is an M8. Sorry for the misinformation.

Thanks for the info, I'm doing the valve adjustments right now and your posts are like a Bible to me ;)

I noticed one thing, in the BMW DVD service manual is stated that to measure TDC on cylinder #2, you have to rotate 360 degrees… it does not make sense, because after full 360 rotation you’re back in TCD #1 position. I did like you have posted: 180 degree rotation, IN and EX marks and in the same level but pointing in opposite directions – front and rear of the bike.
I’ll post some more info when job will be finished.
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