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Talking no scalloping required

Originally Posted by mtothef
i was all set to post how you might want to test fit the engine before you get all carried away with that placement, then i realized what you had done. nice scalloping out of the right side plate there! very clean, you'd hardly notice it wasn't stock.


When we (myself and two experts) put the bike on the work stand we noticed that the two frame rails are asymetrical the right side has more of a curve to it and it was not necassary to cut any thing from the frame this is how it was. I have managed to get the lower link into place (almost) it is only 5mm (3/16 in) in front of the original position. This is going to have little or no effect on the suspension travel all the forward position does is raise the frame off the ground by about 3mm (1/8 in). The linkage/swingarm and shock location relationship is identical to that of an 04 yz/wr which was the donor swing arm and linkage.

I have tested the suspension through full range of movements and all is good (so far) seems to be all ok

I have welded a piece of tube onto the frame (rather than change the subframe) so I can mount the subframe onto the frame un-modifyed this was done so that if I damage the subframe on my travels one can be purchased or shipped to my location and fitted straight up.

All that is required is to make the tags to mount the lower portion of the subframe and weld them on.

Please excuse the poor welding I was having problems with the mig at work it has a hard life and gets no maintenance so when I make the final brackets I will investigate the problem and give it a bit of maintenance.

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