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Kindly discuss the "quiet" claim in the light of them having that giant scoop on the front of the helmet.

Quiet compared to what? I've found precisely zero flip-ups that are as quiet as traditional full face helmets. For instance, I currently use both a Shoei Multi-Tec and an RF-1000. The RF is exponentially quieter than the MT.

I've got an older Schuberth. Good helmet except for the "pop-forward" method of venting the face shield. As soon as you do that, the noise goes up by a mile AND the face shield vibrates so much it affects vision. Does this new Schuberth have the same face shield venting method?

Not to mention the real bottom line: PRICES. Your website has them listed at $699. Why should I buy a C3 when I can get an Arai for $200 less?

More importantly, will replacement face shields be available for more than 60 days after the helmets hit our shores?


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