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Hi Jim,

I am an intermediately oval, can fit into an Arai Profile, but am happiest in something like the fit of an Arai XD-3 or RF-1100. I also can wear a Shark no problem, so I guess I would be a crossover, although crossover on the side of more oval vs rounder.

I has no problems with fit on the C3, but one of our guys internally is a pronounced long oval (Profile to a T) and he could not swing the C3 - not enough clearance front to back.

If you ever make it through Philly come try one on! I have never seen your head, but you never know.



Originally Posted by Jim Williams
Bummer. When I retired my X-11 last year I bought a Profile. Fit is perfect, but I can't say I get the Arai thing. Not impressed at all. I was thinking I'd consider a C3. Looks like that's a no go!
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