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650GS New Fairing Report . . . It's Awesome!!

Mirage 2 Fairing from Britannia Composites

I think I must be one of the first ones out there to have one of these ( the benefit of being local to Britannia !), so here's my experience with it over the last couple of weeks.

I have to confess that I didn't actually fit it myself, but it only took my husband about 45mins and it was all pretty straight forward, with no permanent alteration to the bike, so fitment could easily be reversed (not that that is ever going to happen !!). The fairing is finished in satin black which really suits the bike and the inside has a really cool sort of material look, which is the composite bit. The really clever thing is how the dashboard is used to support the whole thing and it really does make the fairing very solid.

The bike looks really stunning with the fairing fitted and you quickly forget how unfinished it used to look. However, the real difference shows up as soon as you get on it. The cockpit looks totally different and the instrument (which is relocated onto the dash) seems to be at a better angle. You can see why they put the GPS platform where it is, because it's really right there, perfectly in your line of vision. Unfortunately, I have a 60csx GPS which won't fit on the platform, but I like the idea so much, I'm now saving my pennies for a Zumo so I can mount it up there (more money !). At least I won't have to fork out for a mount, because it looks like the stock Zumo mount will bolt straight on. It's certainly a sturdy enough platform for mounting.

Out on the road, there is a complete transformation in wind protection. I used to hate the fact that I couldn't ride with my visor cracked open, even at slow speeds. Not so now ! If you want, you can still have the visor cracked open at 120 kms ! The airflow is very smooth by comparison with other big screens I've used, but there is one BIG drawback - SPEED ! This thing takes so much of the buffeting away, that you find yourself riding much faster everywhere ! I played around with the screen height and found that it was best for me set about 2 1/2" down from full up, but I'm not that tall, so I would imagine 6' + guys will certainly have the screen all the way up. The screen uses a couple of thumbtwists and the system works well. It's a simple solution, if not a little 'industrial'.

I don't use this bike offroad much, but I did do a really rough section of gravel the other day to try it out. It's great being able to slide the screen right down when you're stood up and I think you're probably a lot less likely to smash your teeth out if you had an 'incident'. the fairing seems to stay pretty solid and I would imagine is easily strong enough for more adventurous riding than I do on this bike.

All in all, I think this thing is awesome. It's well made, really cleverly designed and just finishes the whole cockpit off the way it should be. I'm not sure how it compares with the TT because there is no way I would ever shell out that much money anyway, but it would need to be very special indeed to out-do this one !

Here is a shameless plug for Britannia Composites . . .please go and check out their website at They make similar fairings for other bike models as well.

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