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Hello and Hope I fit in ??

Hello I am Kailey,
I am using my dads account as he is planning a trip alone, and I was looking for info for his trip,
I am 15 Yrs old, My dad has taught me everything from when I was 10,
Simple changing oil in the cars and bikes, and most motorcycle maintenance, I am too weak to change tires, and I still cant do one without pinching the tube
But, I am so in love with the whole world of motorcycling, I currently have a KX100, Have been to most awesome riding areas in my short life so far, Moab Being the Tops....
When my dad gets home from work, I am usually waiting with helmet in hand for my after school ride ( My one and only vice ) .
I called his TL1000R mine as I am the only one who likes it, He loves it, but he also has a few other bikes he rotates etc.
I am looking forward to joining all the Woman out there soon on my own bike, We have a full machine shop, and all the tools to do anything, I helped rebuild my own motor right down to splitting the crank. Was very fun, but I know if I actually had to , I can do this again, other than the boring etc, that I will leave to Dad..
I am trying to talk my Dad out of going down to Copper Canyon Alone !!
Any help here???
He resurrected a old touring bike he had and will be taking it, not worried about the bike etc, just wish he could find someone else willing to take a trip.. and feel better if he was with someone.
I really enjoy this thread, and look forward to getting my own account and meeting some riding sisters!!
Thanks and be safe all.

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