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Originally Posted by Country Doc
Good call on the lifters Bud. At least half of the lifters I've pulled out of my airheads have pitting and damage on the faces, even though the cam journals look perfect. Worth double checking and replacing if necessary.

I ALWAYS check the lifters when I have a cylinder off. If they are flaked at all, I replace the ones that are. No need to replace the set. I think an old one that hasn't yet flaked is more likely to not flake in the future than a new one. It's already been flake tested! CV grease? I think lithium is fine. I never soak them either. I agree with bmwrench that the first seconds is most critical but our cams and lifters do just fine without pre-soaking them and lithium grease. Cams that need that much special attention say exactly what they need in the instructions. If I was installing a cam in my friends wingless sprint car, I would follow that lumpy mofo's instructions to the T!!. Personally, the best thing I think you can do for the lifters in our bikes is to run motorcycle specific oil in them and not automotive oil but that is for a dreaded oil thread.

Boy have lifters gone UP in price lately!

I think Motobins sells a lot of stuff that isn't BMW from what I can tell. They seem to be like Capital Cycle only different? I would only use push rod tube seals from a BMW dealer myself but I am not down on the dealers like a lot of people are.

The rings look like they have sealed real well from the looks of the piston crowns. I would only clean off the piled up and caked carbon. There is NO need to clean it down to bare metal. If you do, a carbon layer will be back in no time so why do it. DON'T gouge the stuff cleaning it. IMO, the rings won't be worn but the top side of the top ring groove might be. If you clean the heads with the valves out be careful and don't ruin the valve sealing surfaces. Do not wire wheel the valves or the pistons.

Some people put oil on the push rod seals. I install them dry after I clean the mold release from them and have had good luck. My own seals right now don't even weep and they have been in there for nine years and about 65,000 hard miles.
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