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so i saw this statement on another thread and i was wondering what you guys thought about the 2 map theory.

The key for the superduke (also applies to the 990 ADV) is that the ECU has two maps in it- one that runs on RPM and manifold pressure, and a second that operates with RPM and throttle position.

The issue is that the ECU switches from one map to the other at 5-10% throttle, which creates the small throttle opening jerkiness we all hate.

With his software, you can simply set the ECU to operate on the TPS map from 0% throttle at any RPM higher than idle, and eliminate the switch back and forth, map to map, and thus eliminate the jerkiness. That's the theory, anyway, I bought the cable and software but now I need a PC to give it a try (I have a mac). After looking at the data and hearing his experience on the dyno with the 990s, I'm pretty convinced this is going to sort the issues".
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