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Originally Posted by mrbubblehead
so i saw this statement on another thread and i was wondering what you guys thought about the 2 map theory.

The key for the superduke (also applies to the 990 ADV) is that the ECU has two maps in it- one that runs on RPM and manifold pressure, and a second that operates with RPM and throttle position.

The issue is that the ECU switches from one map to the other at 5-10% throttle, which creates the small throttle opening jerkiness we all hate.

With his software, you can simply set the ECU to operate on the TPS map from 0% throttle at any RPM higher than idle, and eliminate the switch back and forth, map to map, and thus eliminate the jerkiness. That's the theory, anyway, I bought the cable and software but now I need a PC to give it a try (I have a mac). After looking at the data and hearing his experience on the dyno with the 990s, I'm pretty convinced this is going to sort the issues".
I wonder if he's referring to closed loop and open loop. Removing the O2 sensors keeps the ECU in open loop and should eliminate the "two map" issue. In my experience, keeping the bike in open loop mode eliminated lean stutter at small throttle openings, but did not eliminate the herky-jerky nature of power application during small to large(r) throttle transitions.

IMHO, we have a very light, very sensitive throttle. I believe it is not related to the mapping, but to the hand attached to this hair trigger. I've added more resistance to the linkage via throttle cable tightening and with the kaoko and I can get pretty smooth results.

Should I lay off the caffeine for a while or does this make sense?
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