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Originally Posted by mrbubblehead
so i saw this statement on another thread and i was wondering what you guys thought about the 2 map theory...

It's all true. But Wayne (TuneBoy) is absolutely useless for customer support. And TuneBoy has no more safe guards than TuneECU has (I've bricked my ECU with TuneBoy before). The TuneECU software is supported by a large community of helpful users, has MORE features and controls than TuneBoy, is MORE stable when reading and writing MAPS, and don't forget it's about $500 less expensive (ie - free). When I e-mail Alain, the developer of TuneECU, he gets right back to me... even making changes I request within days. There's just no comparison between the two...

TuneBoy is history now... Wayne knows it and now you do too...

BTW - I was able to recover my ECU after TuneBoy locked it up with the Orginal KTM software... it has a hard recovery feature. And even though I've never had a problem with the TuneECU software, I'm asking Alain to build this recovery feature into the TuneECU software so you'll never have to worry about a failed write. This is a feature that they cannot add to the TuneBoy due to the MAP key that they require (it's how they continue to get your money even after you pay for the software).

~ Ken
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