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kpt4321 / 1200 dollars for 6 days is $200 per day; it's pretty hard to That's $300-$400 for the whole trip, per person. If you want to get a motel/cabin one night, you might spend $500 per person, but still, $1200 each is STEEP.

For what it's worth, I have done the BRP one-way from Philadelphia once (2 days, skipped some sections for highway), and a loop down to the NC border and back in 3 days total. I'd definitely do it again, and do the whole thing, and I think $50 per day would be the most I would spend.

Thanks KPT.... This makes a lot of sense. Yours is more in line with the trip I had envisioned to begin with. There were Several in the group [of about five] who claimed they couldn't do the camping thing for health reasons, and then I believe they are looking at three square meals a day eating out, and you can see where costs where beginning to sky rocket. I think the group is going to get a lot smaller, probably say uhmmmm campers only . No I couldn't leave anyone behind who wanted to go, but they will definitely have to make some concessions, and those of us who want to economize by camping would.

Do you do a lot of route planning ahead of time [I mean looking things up on the internet and making that a goal to stop at those locations], or just go and stop when and where you want?

Thanks for your wisdom
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