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Wicked exhaust can location!!!

Originally Posted by PhiSig1071
Your work up to this point looks amazing, but I have to ask, what's with the exhaust can mounted pointing up like that? I've seen it on Rally bikes, but I would think it would create problems. To me it would be more prone to collect water, harder to expel water and it would have a lot more bends in the mid-pipe, which would reduce exhaust flow. What am I missing? Obviously there's a reason for it.
The exhaust is here because when it is more parallel to the ground it is very vulnerable to crash damage, when it is here and you lay the bike on the ground and it contacts the ground in a more even manner

When the pipe is low and parallel to to the ground to clear all of the swing arm and pivots it protrudes ou too far and the end of the pipe is way past the rear axel. Just looks weird, wobbles heaps and is vulerable to damage

Oh and I like the way it looks!

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