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A new GPS mount - Ohh,,, and a screen adjuster update.

I am in the middle of prototype screen adjuster road testing and it is going really well.
So many degree's of adjustment simply does your head in.

Mike was over a few nights ago helping install the proto adjuster and got all woodie about the "bolt upright rallye position" (screen that is).
I gotta say it feels bloody good on the road, no more compromise, if the current position doesn't suit, just adjust two levers and pick a new one.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday running around (only did about 100kms) with the OEM clear screen fitted, and rode about 120kms today with the Calsci tinted shorty fitted on the adjusters.
Not surprisingly I found the two screens produced different results on the same settings. I was very encouraged however to find that even the short Calsci screen showed amaising results when I got the angle and height correct.
Both screens can now be adjusted to give an absolute buffer free ride, AND, for the first time, I can actually hear my front tyre on the road..
I ride with an Arai-X3. Super comfy but Super noisy.

Anyway, testing will continue but I have (last night) initiated a batch of laser cut plates and will be able to start assembling (and finally show you) the production version.

The GPS mount.
I have a Garmin GPSMAP60CSx fitted onto a Touratech rubber isolated locking cradle. I love both of these bits of gear but had been struggling as to where I should mount it.
I originally had a RAM mount holding the TT cradle in place but was forever taking the GPS off for fear of it being ripped off one day.
The position was also far from ideal as I could not see the left hand blinker signal and got caught with it left on quite a few times.

Long story short, is that I finally got around to laser cutting and pressing a stainless centre mount for it today.
I had previously checked the TT and SW-M mounts but they were both a large compromise for how I wanted to see it fitted.
I wanted the GPS to mount exactly in the middle of the top bar clamps so that I could see the whole instrument cluster + idiot lights + indicator warnings.

One purdy stainless mount.

GPS fitted

View from the drivers seat. Purfect,, No wondering eyes, No incorrect viewing angles, just spot-on. And strangely enough, it's always in the same spot... Doesn't move when you turn the bars.

From the back.

With the Yammy tank bag (taller than the SW-M) fitted.
The angle is perfect to view the whole screen and the bottom buttons.

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