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Originally Posted by BOOTLACE
Not aimed at you Craig, , but I'm kind of amused as to this 'Whining' thing.
I mean, journo's ask a question, and a rider answers it. (And is required to). I would think, given that these guys have been doing this shit for the best part of their lives, including post race yarns with their fellow riders, and crew, (and these days, mega 'electronic Úvidence' !!). Is it 'whining', or just answering a question? I mean, ya can't win EVERY time out. Shit happens, and at this level, it don't take much shit to put you down the back....

A few years back, I was racing vintage bikes up at Mosport. Had one helluva race, me and one other rider dicing back and forth for the whole race, the lead changing hands multiple times a lap. I showed my hand too early and drafted past on the back straight before the white flag. I couldn't pull a gap big enough, and he drafted past me for the win on the last lap. I was so pissed I hurt my hand punching the gas tank after crossing the line.

The other rider came over to talk to me after the race, said it was one of the best races he's had so far with a big smile on his face. I called him a rat bastard.

We're friends now, but I was pissed. I can't imagine what I'd say if you stuck a microphone in the my face at that moment.
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