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Originally Posted by 101N
Why don't you go post this on or Better venues for you.

"Why don't you post this on
Here's a further take; my 12-year old son has no real idea who Rossi is, but he's watched Lorenzo for two-plus seasons. My son has seen '300' and knows why Lorenzo wears a spartan-scarlet boot and a hoplite insignia on his x-lite helmet. In short, my son, with no interest in historical winners or marketing stars, roots for Jorge."

As I said those other venues are better for 12-year olds.
Agreed,Rossi has won more races and shown more class in doing so,Lorenzo does the goofy after race antics trying to copy Rossi and it ends up looking lame at best.
Rossi is an elder statesman and has just broken a leg with the bones sticking out on the track and come back and run respectably because he loves to race. Lorenzo is a fast kid no doubt,not many if any have or will have a run like Rossi and done more for drawing attention to the sport.
Running at their pace with broken or bent body parts is tricky but they all do it. Comments taken out of context are easy to come by.
Some bikes around at times
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