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I've been down riding the black and yellow R100GS in the Mexican Sierra Madre mountains for the past two weeks so haven't been able to make any progress on the build-up.

I did about 1000 miles (1600 km) of dirt riding that really gave me the experiences and the time to think again about the limitations of the R100GS and what I want in my ORGS. Here's a clip from an easy section that shows what I want this bike for.

fishkens, it is much easier to make a pin accurately fit a hole than it is to make a hole accurately fit a pin, and that is why I didn't use a standard dowel pin, but even drilling the holes and turning the insert ends down to fit was too involved. Also, the void in the holes not taken up by the insert ends can trap air and machining oil which can expand and cause weld contamination and/or weld inclusions. I think holding the parts externally with a v-block fixture is easy and is as accurate as holding them with an internal pin, and the entire cross section can be welded with a butt weld setup.

Airhead Wrangler, friction welding takes a lot of force and a lot of power, it needs some specialized equipment to get the pieces melted then to hold them together until they solidify. Just for anyone interested, check out friction stir welding, a similar technology.

DRjoe, my welder has a pulsed DC feature that I can set a high pulse frequency to get a relatively narrow and deep penetration without having a big chamfer. I found a narrow notch at the joint seems to work OK, and with this method I don't need to add a lot of filler.

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