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Originally Posted by x3300
fishkens, it is much easier to make a pin accurately fit a hole than it is to make a hole accurately fit a pin, and that is why I didn't use a standard dowel pin, but even drilling the holes and turning the insert ends down to fit was too involved. Also, the void in the holes not taken up by the insert ends can trap air and machining oil which can expand and cause weld contamination and/or weld inclusions. I think holding the parts externally with a v-block fixture is easy and is as accurate as holding them with an internal pin, and the entire cross section can be welded with a butt weld setup.
Okay. I'm familiar with drilling a hole and then reaming it out to size to fit a standard dowel as opposed to machining the pin. But I barely know enough to be dangerous and understand how machining the pin could be easier.


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