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Touchy throttle

I have a map in my -09 A that's based on an -R map modified for Akra pipes and with some extra fuel low down in the L1 and 2 maps. It works reasonably well for me, I get a very consistent 37.5 US MPG running 75-85, and I've been happy enough for the last 10K not to mess with it more.

I'm happy to share, although I wouldn't try this in anything other than an -09 or newer due to some problems I've seen with immobilizer settings and the fact that the -09s on have different heads and cams- if anyone wants to try it, or at least look at it I can forward it on. I'm glad to see that TuneEcu and Powercell's cables have made this stuff more accessible.

The nice function with TuneEcu vs. TuneBoy is the ability to download your own map and use it as a baseline (F6 toggle compare function) against any mods you want to make. Good for peace of mind and to go backward if you need.
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