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Originally Posted by grinns
I saw your little thing you had going on under the glove box thing. Did you wire directly to the sensors? I was going to investigate logging through the ECU itself to a laptop.
Yes, I had it hard-wired to 8 signals, in wires near the ECU. (Tach/RPM, both TPS, both MAP, Atmospheric P, both switching HEGOs) All 0-5v signals except the RPM, which was ~11V FM. Plus had the main wideband O2 sensor logger.

Used a borrowed Innovate wideband and 4 channel data logger from Tahoeacr to be a rolling dyno mule, while using Tuneboy maps Tahoeacr tweaked & tuned from my data runs. Worked pretty well. Ideal would be dual wideband logger (too much $$). I had to switch between front and rear cylinders. I still have the sensor harness in the glovebox if I ever get my hands on another data logger.

Not sure how many of those signals you can get from the ECU through the TuneECU OBD2 interface. Anybody know? I'll be trying it out in a month or so when I can ride again.
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