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Originally Posted by plugeye
the GPS doesnt need a magnetic or any pickup, correct?
no calibration either?

I could have paid $50 for the GPS power adapter, but then needed a socket to plug it into.

Instead I got a mobile phone charger in the right voltage range and mW rating, I removed the insides, soldered on the old speedo light wires, soldered wires from the output to the brass terminals on the GPS (You can get the pin configurations off the interwebz) and then encased my little electronic power supply in an old relay case filled with epoxy adhesive.

So the GPS runs off the bikes power, has odometer, trip meter, max speed, average moving speed, current speed, track log, way points, compass and a back light for riding at night.

For $115. I think they're cheaper in the US.

If I'm riding in an unknown area I save waypoints off the maps for track junctions along my route, I have the GPS set to use the same map system as the military topos, which I used to teach Grunts how to read. I ride to the saved point, delete it and save the actual grid reference.

I can use the track log screen to follow a previous route, or to navigate between way points if I've erased the track log ( I do regularly as the memory fills up).

Riding on the road I use the screen with Trip, Odo, Max speed, av speed, current speed, and reset the trip meter each time I fuel. I also reset the max speed if the cops pull me over for random breath testing.

If I'm following someone else, I look at their map and get an idea of where we are going, then I watch my compass screen and make sure they don't take the wrong track and drive in the opposite direction for 20 mins.....KTMatt. It helps if you can ride fast enough to catch them, or they look in their mirrors once in a blue moon.

It made a cheap easy alternative to having a GPS and a speedo. I'm going to upgrade the GPS unit eventually to one that has a map data base, and the capability to connect to the laptop to download way points and trip data.
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