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Attendees list

Name (screen name fine)
2.) Steed of choice for trip
3.) Tires you plan to use (really just curious)
4.) Do you have any helmet communications gear (FRS, SCALA, etc.)
5.) Preferred lodging (camping, hotels, don't care, or would like some combination of camping/lodging)
6.) Maximum length of trip you can do (14 days, 21 days, or unlimited time)
7.) Preferred dates for trip (15 September - 02 August as an example)

I will add and delete as necessary, these are the people who have expressed interest:

1. Blaster11/Bruce: 06 GSA, Heidenau(rear)/TKC(Front) or combination, Scala G4, Combination of camping/Lodging, 23 days, 13 August - 05 September
2. Dorito/Dana: 10 F798 GS, Heidenau(rear)/TKC(front), Scala G4, Combination of camping/Lodging, 23 days, 13 August - 05 September
3. GSA_PILOT/Lance: 07 GSA, Tourance/TKC, Bluetooth, Camping/Lodging - doesn't care, 16 days, August 12 - 27
4. OUT EOD3MC/Dave: 09 KLR, D606 rear, ?? Front, Yes, Combination of camping/Lodging, 21 days, Preference is early September
5. *6USMC6: KTM SMR or ??, Scorpions, ? Scala G4, Combination of camping/Lodging, unlimited, Late August - early September
6. OUT VACommuter: 02 KLR w/enduro sidecar, Kenda 270, under consideration, Combination of camping/Lodging, 14 - 20 days, prefer August
7. Backlash: 09 GSA, TKC/Tourance, arm waving and finger pointing, Cell phone/rental sat phone, Combination of camping/Lodging, unlimited, open on dates
8. 4badboyz: 06 KTM 950A, Karoos/Scorpions, no comms, Combination of camping/Lodging, prefer 14 days but 21 possible, leaving Toronto August 28th returning Sept 10-17th
9. OMG_WTF: 2011 f800gs, TKC 80 Front/K60 Rear, Scala G4, I can just camp wherever, I prefer to camp at sites with running water, 21 days, July/August.
10. Pfuey: 10 GSA, Michelin Anakee 2, Scala G4, 70% lodging/30% hotel, 21 days, Hmmm...July, August or early September
11. CdnX (aka David): 09 GSA, TKC 80 F&R (Considering the Anakees but will likely plan for the worst and run the knobs), SCALA Q2, Preferred lodging = A bit of both, not fussy but being eaten by flies gets old fast, 14 days, Departure is 15 July. Counter-Clockwise.
12. DiscoDino (Nadim Samara): 2007 G650 Xchallenge, D606 front, D908 rear, I have a Whistler, but pending needs, I'm willing to switch to a new system, Combo of camping/lodging, Maximum length of trip 14 days, Preferred dates for trip: July 1st to July 11th
13. Zubinblack and Wardo, Weestrom and KLR, TKC's and Heidenau, Thinking about it, we've used them before and they are nice, but the FRS system we had was fussy, We are doing a mix, 14 days,
departing the Brattleboro area on 7/26 and returning 8/8 or 8/9.
14. Craig - aka C-Stain, DL1000 V-Strom, TKC80s, No coms, camping is fine, 7 - 9 days, (August 7 - 22) I can leave from Nova Scotia or Newfoundland, so the dates can vary based on that. **Looking for wingmate**
15. PMJ204: 2008 DL650, Not sure yet, Scala Q2, Camping/lodging, Max length 9 days, Preferred dates 12 August - 21 August
16. Leboost: Starting June 18th with my Strom, from Montreal on a fresh set of tkc's for 14 days CW route, mostly sleeping where there's hot water not too far.

* = Questionable

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