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Placeholder for Betting Lines


I will also keep track of the Vegas betting lines and am taking suggestions on other possible proposition bets...

Over/under on number of days it will rain during their trip: 5

Over/under on number of people who actually make the trip: 4.5

1st person to get in a physical altercation:
- Dorito: +200
- GS_ADV_Pilot -150
- Blaster +400
- EOD3MC +750
- Jointsforsale +275
- 6USMC6 +150

[note: for you non gamblers, +200 means you bet $100 to win $200, -150 means you bet $150 to win $100]

Enjoy the planning,

2015 LD Rally Season: Iron Butt Rally (29 Jun - 10 Jul)

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