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but orange inside...
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Originally Posted by StevenD
How does the Cristini system work? Is it hydraulic to?

Google for yamaha 2track, that system is ready for sale as a package, and bolts to many bikes to. Could learn from that and make the ultimate 9x0 system from it!
nah dude, chains, sprockets and gears

There's differential type gear up in the steering crown that's the key to it all and it splits the power two the left and right side, then you have two axles running down each fork leg. The axles are sliding so they can extend and compress with the fork, then you have a 90 degree gear again at the hub and you drive the front wheel. The front wheel is on a faster ratio though with a free hub so it will drive like a normal bike until you spin the rear in mud or sand, then you'll feel the front kicking in. It's a pretty cool system but for simplicity I think the 2 wheel drive hydraulic ohlins might be preferable...

Anyways - a two wheel drive Adv with recluse clutch and large low pressure paddle wheels back AND forth? Could we have the ultimate baja explorer???
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