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Originally Posted by Squidmark
Do some things beside sit on your butt on the bike 8-10 hours a day. Otherwise, you might as well stay home and sit on a sawhorse in your basement and watch videos.
Seriously? You would rather sit on a sawhorse in your basement watching TV than average 375 miles a day for 2 weeks in order to ride the Trans-Lab.
On the bug spray, I highly recommend that you all do not rely ONLY on bug spray. Bring bug nets. Wear them over a ball cap or floppy hat and tuck the bottom into your jacket when you stop in a bug infested area. I found that the legal, "non-cancer causing" bug spray you can purchase in the U.S. was as effective in repelling the bugs up there as catnip is in repelling kittens... When only one of us was wearing bug spray, that person was swarmed and the other two were left alone. We were there in full bug season, and if we took our breaks in an open area with a breeze, that was usually enough to keep them away.

I used this one from Aerostich and it comes with a stuff sack that compresses it to about a 2" diameter. I even put it over my helmet a few times when we were delayed for extended periods at construction zones. Most of the construction workers we saw on the roads were using something like this which has a zipper at the neck so they would wear the jacket over their clothes at all times and could zip closed the head part when the bugs got bad. Bottom line: for camping or having to work on your bike in an emergency, you do not want to be without this.

If you have half a day in your schedule at Churchill Falls, I recommend you ride the road to Esker which was one of my favorite days riding the whole trip, but it does get down to ATV width at parts and you will see moose droppings on the trail so be careful on blind turns. I feared taking the power plant tour as too many locals insisted we take it, and when combined with the fake movie set feel of Churchill Falls, I had images of being grabbed by the Morlocks down there and forced to work in the mines the rest of my life.... But if you need a break from riding and want to do the tourist thing, go for it....

Bruce, Lance: Next time we meet for coffee, bring a map and I'll show you where the key gas stations are...

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