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Strom For Sale!!!!

Your narrative below could have been something I wrote (except I've been riding the GS for about a year now). The difference is, I've been unable to part with my Strom. It does everything I ask of it very well. I'm certain you'll find as I have, that in many if not all respects with the exception of the often chain maintenance, it's actually a more friendly bike to ride than the Beemer. There will come a time Mike when you'll be off road with the GS and find yourself wishing you were on the 100+lbs lighter Strom instead I hate to say.

Originally Posted by HBN
Thank you for all the kind comments.

I just recently purchased the GS (last weekend) to finally take the BMW plunge again (sold my RS)

I absoloutely love my Strom and have such a close bond with it. There were times on this trip that I would have much rather had the Strom in tricky spots with crazy wind than the GS. My only complaint with the vstrom is the chain drive. I would lube it often and adjust as necessary but when riding 1000mi days in the rain and dirt, it really becomes just one more thing for me to bother with. I was never at a loss for power (except above 10k) but the GS has always been my dream bike.

Enter now to buy my Strom from this trip. Shameless plug in FM below
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