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I started on the swingarm today. The first test was to see if I could weld the arms the the front section with the 5356 filler.

All cleaned up and ready to weld:


Now to see if I can weld a full seam:

I get half way through and something seriously contaminates the weld:

I grind it out and try again, but get the same thing. I grind and re-weld multiple times with no success. Even when I start with something that looks this nice, the weld turns to crap:

I try to weld a different seam with a little better luck, but there is still a lot of contamination. Normally I would be fine with a weld like this, but this is such an important structural area that I'm not going to risk it.

I'm pretty sure what is happening is the epoxy is causing the contamination. So the next thing to try is to remove the bolts and disassemble the swingarm so all the epoxy can be removed. Some of the bolts have epoxy on the back so I sand that off first.

The bolts are square drive so I grind of a phillips tip and use it to remove the bolts. I have to hammer it into the bolt heads. It fits very snugly.

The first bolt come out alright, but none of the others want to. I grind down an impact driver bit so I can apply more force. The bolt doesn't move. I get a bigger hammer and the bit shatters.

A this point I'm thinking that the arms are very securely attached to the front piece and I don't really need to worry about welding it all together.
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