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Originally Posted by h8chains
my point is not in the details but to remind everyone that on small bikes while on dirt, we tend to be more aggressive and the risk becomes proportional; that what it seems in the case of the majority that are on the list.
Motorcycles are dangerous big and small I think we all know that, I doubt anyone thinks that because there on a sub 650 bike that some how there safer. My worst wreck was on a XR80, I think people ride more aggressively on smaller bikes because you can ride them closer to there peak potential performance which in my book = more fun!!!and most of the time the more fun you are having the less concerned with safety you are, any redneck with a beer and bottle rockets can tell you that. A big part of the appeal of motorcycles is the danger and that we are in an exclusive club of organ donors with a "lust for life". I'm not saying don't ride smart or skip on safety gear but if you ride sooner or later your going to hurt yourself. All the guys on that list are smart, capable and responsible riders but sooner or later your number gets called.

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