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Originally Posted by skibum69
The bike looks great Jenny, I really like the baby Safari tank on the back, I'll keep that in mind for my next build.
Yes, I was in two minds about it - not at first of course, as I felt it would be essential for Tunisia, especially without a fuel pump fitted for the front tanks (now rectified)...

However, by day 3 in Tunisia, I realized I didn't need it (and ran it empty after that) - mainly due to there being refuels for the bikes every 160kms, as they were running the Enduro Cup class alongside...

Since the fuel stops were neutralized, there was no real benefit it brimming the tanks at the start of each day, even if you had the tank capacity - although I guess it would mean you could enjoy your sarnies at a less frantic pace?! Therefore most people opted to run their bikes a little lighter, with just enough fuel for the distance between refuels, particularly on the dune days.

But the Dakar days are going to be different of course - a lot longer liaisons, and up to 250kms between special stage refuels, so while the new centre tank still gives me 25L in total up front, I thought it would be a good idea to refit it, and have the extra 5L on the rear too - even if I only fill it on the longer days...

In fact I've just ordered a second fuel tap so I can isolate the rear (or centre) auxiliary tank as required...

J x
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