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When Ago was riding the MV, that was the bike to have. Everything else was crap. The Norton was good as a 500 way, way back early fifties. marketing is somehow able to make that glory burn long after the crowd has gone.

I think Max was on the short end of casting. He got to the party late and got cast as the villain. We were all supposed to hate him. So he acted the part.

Or not?

It was entertaining and that is the real bottom line point to all this racing. Entertain us and extract some loose change in the process. OK, quite a lot of loose and not so loose change. Folding kind.

Max as a winner is pretty cool to watch and listen to. Much better than when he is perpetually losing.
Rossi, I don't think whines so much as says it wrong or the translation comes down wrong. Not sure since I don't speak Italian and am not culturally aware enough to understand any subtleties of the Google translations.

I think next year will be telling for who is the real whiner-king. I'm thinking Stoner is going for that crown. Honda are going to be stretched threeways. Back with Hayden and Pedrosa they proved they could only concentrate on one, or they only really picked one. Or they wanted it to be all about the Bike and not the rider.
I don't know that we've seen anything that is going to change that frame of mind.
They gave Doohan a bike so evil he had to manhandle the front like he was steer wrestling. he made it work and everybody thought Honda was the best.

My kids are daughters, and young adults. They tolerate me watching MotoGP when I'm not on travel and there aren't any chick-shows on. I point out Rossi and they think he is pretty goofy looking, but they say that about Max too. They think Stoner is in pain. The think Nicky is cute, but Ben is cuter, and Pedrosa and Jorge and a few others better looking.

The racing starts and they leave the room. Sometimes I can get them or my wife to come sit for a minute to watch a replay of some daring move.

Then sometimes somebody will sit on the couch with me and watch almost the whole race. (they do seem to talk through the whole race though)...

It doesn't seem like they even pay attention, but a few weeks later, I'm re-watching a race, (subscriptions let this happen), and damned if they don't don't come into the room and complain, "we already saw this race"...

My pick for whiner next year is Casey Stoner. Should start about ten minutes after he tucks the front in Qatar. Take him about that long to get back to the pitbox.

Rossi and Ducati are going to move the earth to make that bright red bike a winner. They have to. This is like Ago and MV. They absolutely have to win.
There can be no second no wit until next year and the big bike comes. It has to be first thing right out of the box. No other rider or team has that hanging over them. With that Rossi is not going to be whinning no matter how big a steaming pile of poo the red machine is.

Tough part is Ben is in the garage with Jorge. Yamaha has a package that only needs a few tweaks. And they have a rider that has figured out how to ride around those few needed tweaks. If they get him a little more power off the corner to stay with the rockets that the Ducati and Honda will be, and a little bit more front end feel, Rossi and Ducati will have all they can handle and more.
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