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Talking My 2 cents:

- HANDLEBARS/RISERS: ProTaper CR High Bends, no complaints.. Moose hand guards, no real complaints. They do work fine and they block cold air in the winter but, they don't fit as well as I would like. I will try some thing else if I need another pair of hand guards.

- FOOTPEGS/FOOTPEG LOWERING: Procycle lowerd foot pegs work great with my 34" inseam. I like the cast pegs they come with.

- GRIPS/HEATED GRIPS: Pro Grips superbike 690's open end style in black, nice soft rubber that holds up well and does not dig into your hands.. Symtec grip heaters with the round switch, I need to install them! Maybe this week.

- THROTTLE TUBE: Bone stock throttle tube, I carved mine loose from the stock grip.

- LEVERS/PEDALS: Stock brake lever, Moose shift lever, its a bit larger than stock where it hits your toes. Pretty much a stock replacement.

- CABLES: All Suzuki except for the TM-40 carb cables from ProCycle.

- GAUGES/INSTRUMENTS: Stock for now, I'll add a Vapor some day when I have the $$$ to burn. I don't really need a Vapor but, I do want one.

I add a CrampBuster to my bikes too, I've been putting them on for so long I don't feel right without a CrampBuster or a Throttle Rocker.
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