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Originally Posted by Bluebull2007
Jen, I had a major drama class with my HID light. Even with a rewound stator, the "rally" battery was pooped after about 3 hours when that bloody light was on. it also interfered with the power of the bike and even starting it; how I dont know. Anyway, I would suggest you stick to a nice halogen.

If you go the HID route, just make sure that the stator is actually charging the bike. I would go for a technical ride of 5-7 hours at least to make sure. If it wasnt for this bloody problem on mine I think I could have been a couple of hours faster, and one off less at least!

Im interested to see what you decide.

BTW have you any plans to have someone on the support team phone in and update us or maybe update the thread on some of the low down stuff while on the rally? I know you plan to phone in regularly, but you know how it goes.

Dont forget we will be shouting from the sidelines.

Cheers and ride safe.

Hi Neil - yes, you're experience in Brazil are the main reason I've been delaying the decision this long... the last thing I want is complications at this late stage.

My bike was fine in Tunisia with the stock stator and battery (no HID of course), and other than one day when I killed the battery with repeated starts in the dunes (my clumsiness), it was fine...

The 'Euro' dual-beam headlight that the JVO kits uses is better than the enduro light, the only problem is it pointed at the floor 3 feet in front of my bike! I'm going to try and reposition it to give a better spread...

The problem with Dakar is not so much having trouble and finishing a stage in the dark, rather the very early mornings and a long liaison - in the dark...

My other option is to fit a Vision X LED lamp - these only draw 10W, and offer 900 lumens (purportedly)... it would be the simplest way to get some additional light?

J x

ps. I'll do my best to make a few phone-ins [to rally raidio] from the bivouac, and perhaps see if I can enlist someone to update the thread with photos etc. Hell, I might even treat myself to an iphone (are you listening Apple?!) and do it from the field!

I know that Bivouac security is meant to be tighter this year, and with serious penalties for any team caught utilizing outside help and/or smuggling anyone in... however, their might well be the opportunity to meet up with anyone who is following the rally from the other side of the fence, for a quick interview, and they can also update this (and the main Dakar) thread?

Should anyone be interested in following the Dakar as a roving spectator this January, I know Tamsin and her Sponsor are hiring a 4x4 to follow alongside the rally, and they have a couple of spare seats available - it's going to cost around 2500 per person... PM if anyone is interested and I'll pass the details on...
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