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VisionX for better light


I wanted more light and so I asked on ADV if someone in Sydney ( Australia ) could make me a bracket and Inmate Maggot1300 offered to make me one.

I make a very poor template;

... and received, in the mail, a great bracket;

... that mounted perfectly ( VisionXs not aligned at this stage );

Because the VisionX consume only 780ma @ 12v each I decided to wire the units straight to the high beam line with a switch in circuit ( because here, IMHO, the law says that you have to be able to run the standard headlight without the extra lamps if you are using high beam - not sure about anywhere else so YMMV ). As the total current was 1560ma @ 12v I didn't see the need for a relay and I don't see any dimming of the existing headlight so for now it will do but soon I will run 12v from the battery up to the headlight and relay that.

The difference is outstanding with the gutter side lamp a Euro so that it fills to the left and the center line side the Spot which really adds distance to the light throw.

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