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Thumb Quick Plug & Play upgrade

I posted this elsewhere - this is in the category of "While You are Procrastinating Your HID Decision".

The best plug & play replacement I have found is a Wagner1210/H4 or "BP1210/H4" "Auxiliary Off-road" Halogen bulb. Got it at one of the big auto parts stores. Not expensive, but a beautiful bulb. It borders on "annoying retina-burner" if your riding pal behind you at night hits your mirrors with it.

The color is quite WHITE. I replaced both my DR's with them several years ago and they just keep on lighting up the world.
Poking around a few sites, they are running about $12.

Note that this bulb apparently got packaged at least three different ways but the number designation '1210/H4' seems common. Also I note that some websites refer to this as a "miniature". I have no idea where that moniker came from - its a full size H4 virtually indistinguishable from the stocker...until you turn on.

I have not put a meter on the bike to see what the current draw is but I imagine this is not a good solution for colder clime where you need grip heaters and other ancillary electricals.
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