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Originally Posted by Sabre
I worked with a guy who always dug my KLR. He would hang around the office parking lot and just look at the thing and ask questions and seemed to be absolutely smitten with the bike.

Finally, after about three years of sporting KLR wood, the guy finally made the leap and bought himself a brand-new, shiny red KLR, his first motorcycle.

Within a month it had EVERY item in the DualStar catalog bolted onto it. During the same time it had at least 20 stickers applied. This guy was retired Navy, and he plastered it with stickers found on military aircraft. I mean, he covered the damned thing. It ended up looking like a bad OCC project.

Here's the deal: he was absolutely in love with this machine. It didn't matter that he never took it off pavement. It didn't matter that he only rode a thousand (or fewer) miles per year. And it certainly didn't matter that it was the single most silly-looking KLR I'd ever seen. He LOVED his bike!

I would have never even thought of criticizing the thing. He was passionate about it, and the damned thing didn't have to come home with me every evening, so who am I to judge?

I was fascinated to see the passion in this camo project, and especially pleased to see the OP's response (or lack of it) to all the goading.
Well put.
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