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So Saturday started out with me being late. I needed to get extra fuses due to an electrical problem on my bike but all the auto parts stores have bankers hours nowadays. Got to the gate at Glen Helen around 8:20 and everyone else was already there and signed up and ready to go. It looked like everyone had shown up as promised except Chris (foul plug) who had let me know that he might not make it. I filled out the necessary paperwork and we proceeded into the park.

Here's Paul (loner) and Joel (h8chains) in the white truck and BJ (DirtTrailER) and Les in the black truck.

John (jnyrav), a fellow OC rider, decided to ride up. Nice.

In the van is Turin (grinder96). The white truck in the middle is Ryan Hanna, another accomplished rider who would be Jimmy's assistant on Saturday and the truck in the back is Mark (MJS) and his wife Luanna.

Here's Jeff (JAB) with his XR628R.

In we go.

Here's Jimmy's mobile classroom/hotel/garage/etc. Very handy.

We set up class right next to the bleachers in case any of you wanted to come watch us. Maybe next time.

Jimmy's all business and so is this location. There won't be any riding around looking for somewhere to practice the drills or pretty trips down to the river on this one. It's all happening in this big dirt lot.

As everyone is getting into their gear, Chris, who I thought was not going to make it, finally showed up on his GS800. He had done some late night subframe work to his bike the night before and barely was able to make it. Chris is also from OC and also rode his bike up.

This is John (jnyrav). He's relatively new to our little group but I think we will be seeing a lot more of him in the near future.

This is Jeff (JAB). He been part of the group for a while but doesn't get much opportunity to ride. Maybe this little boost will encourage him to re-prioritize his life.

This is Les. He's a friend of BJ's and a fellow Husky rider. We'll try to get him and BJ on some of the Cleveland National Forest rides.

Here's Turin (grinder96). He's been part of the LA group for a while, but also doesn't get to ride with us much.

Here's BJ. The only 650X rider this time. Last class he was one of three.

This is Luanna. She was also at the last class with her husband Mark (MJS).

Joel's bike and Paul's bike. Along with a 990A there were only three KTM's, a lot different than a typical LA Weekend ride. I guess if you own a KTM you don't need to take classes because the bike makes you that much better.

And here's Joel (h8chains), fellow instigator, changing out of his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume and into his riding gear.

Let's go guys. We've got drills to do.
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