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So after everyone gets suited up and ready, we all take seats in the front row: Turin, John, Jeff, BJ, Chris, Paul, Joel, Luanna, Mark and Les

Jimmy steps up to his podium and begins today's lesson. I think we all wanted to just get on our bikes and start doing stuff. There will be plenty of time for that later. First, Jimmy gives us tons of information. The day was one big upload of information backed up by execution.

Everything we covered in class began with a thorough explanation broken down into its most basic steps.

This was followed by a demonstration with further explanation and opportunity for questions.

This is a class about the basic underlying processes and skills required for off-road riding. These skills are used from your first day on a bike to the highest levels of riding. Jimmy and Ryan both claim to still practice these exact same drills.

We would then mount up and practice the drills ourselves with the supervision of Jimmy and Ryan. Patty Cake over the bars was one of the drills. Here it's being executed nicely by the OC Sunshine Boys Chris and John.

Jimmy explaining to Joel that this is the correct orientation of the bike to the ground. (Perpendicular)

Moment of enlightenment for Joel. Yes, perpendicular does seem better than parallel.

Les looks like he done with the first set of exercises.

Paul getting some advice and suggestions from Jimmy. This is one of the best things about this class. Jimmy can spot what you're doing wrong from 100 feet away and explains to you how to fix it. He does this all day long with every drill and every student.

Jimmy looks like he's afraid to touch Chris' bike. Maybe he's waiting for his ten foot pole.

Here Jimmy's demonstrating what happens, usually after lunch when you're riding around in this position...

...then you get a sudden burst of rear end propulsion. Or I switched the pictures and he's explaining something about panic braking.

We all pay close attention, waiting for our chance to practice, hoping we can put all the steps together in the right sequence.

That was kind of tiring, we should probably break for lunch.
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