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Talking sub frame mounted

So a bit of a set back with progress due to my teething daughter but nevermind I wouldnt have it any other way!

I Have mounted the rear subframe leveled and trued it to the frame so it is at 90 deg to the frame. I cut some strips from a sheet of 1.9mm mild steel sheet to make the lower mounting tabs for the sub frame. I shaped them and bent them to suit the first contact point on the frame. Once this was done I tacked the first contact point on the top and bottom of each tag. Then I heated up the tags cherry red and with a small hammer dollied them around the tubes to match them with the frame.

So now I have also tacked the top tube where the top bolt mounts to the frame.

The whole rear end is tacked in it final place and nearly ready to have some permenant welds done.

When I put the seat on this is very stable and the seating position is quite comfortable.

The other thing I compleated was the mount for the Future navigation tower I bent Some more 1.9mm sheet and then ran it through the mill to make sure the whole fitting was parallel because benders tend to stretch the sheet and in order to make sure all is good a quick pass in the mill has done the trick. I have only just held it in place with one rivet so I can get it level vertically then I will tack it. When I go to do the final weld I will clamp a straight edge to the top tube and use an engineers square to make sure the front of the bracket is flat across the front of the bike to mount the future hedlight assembly.

I plant to fit ferrules to the holes in order to increase the bolt area maximising stength in the vertical plane

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