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Question F A Q- Heated Gear

Originally Posted by asrvivor
So I have purchased the Gerbings jacket and gloves heated. Can the 09 Dr put out enough juice to support these?
"You can safely draw an additional 50-60 watts. I highly recommend installing a good voltmeter to help prevent stranding yourself with a dead battery." -procycle

"I installed a headlight on/off switch so I can switch off the light when cruising fire roads or just starting, etc. I wired it so I can always switch the high beam on with my thumb if needed." -barko1

"A heat troller will reduce the draw. I try to shut everything off a few minutes or so before I get ready to shut the bike off. Install a voltmeter, or if your using a gps, some show voltage. My garmin 276 does. Heat is nice..." -Bgunn

"Depends how much the Gerbing gear you bought draws. I've heard the latest stuff draws fewer Watts than earlier gear. A good thing! A Heat Troller of some sort is essential.*
Far more efficient.
My older Gerbing jacket liner draws 77 Watts at 100%. I'm guessing your gloves draw maybe 25 to 40 watts? I put a headlight switch on my DR. Headlight off saves 55 watts.*
With headlight off, I can run all day with jacket at 100%, heated grips on HIGH (24 watts). Heat Troller really helps here. Even at 100% its more efficient than plugging directly in.*
Pro Cycle is correct ... you have roughly 60 watts before you go into discharge. Switching off headlight buys you a few more Watts. Short trips won't discharge batt. much and with Suzuki EXCELLENT charging system it will re-charge very quickly. (20 minutes of riding) Long trips drawing too much batt. will go dead in 3 to 4 hours. Will re-charge in about half hour riding if in good nick and accessories off.
HID headlight is up next for me. Brighter light, 20 Watts less draw. Win Win." -Adv Grifter

"My wife got me a new Gerbing jacket, gloves and dual heat controller for my birthday (March 2010). They're the new "micro wire" design.
I did a 3,300 mile trip on my '08 DR650SE in September this year from Anchorage Alaska (where I live) to Prudhoe Bay, then to Tok, Haines, Prince Rupert BC and Calgary Canada.
It rained and was cold most days, high 30's to upper 40's F. I ran my Gerbing jacket and gloves 90% of the time. Also had Dual Star heated grips on the DR. I found that running everything with the grips on was too much draw. You could tell that the heat output was down on everything.
The best heat / draw combo was to run the jacket at around 60% and the gloves at 100% with the grips off. Ran like this day after day with no problems. A few times I didn't need the big gloves so I ran regular riding gloves with the jacket on and the heated grips on low. This also worked fine.
I would suggest getting the dual heat controller so you can control your jacket and gloves separately." -AKiffroader

Originally Posted by asrvivor
So assuming I draw more wattage than the bike produces how long to drain battery and what is solution for this problem. Thanks
"How long depends on too many factors to even estimate. The solution would be adding a heat troller to minimize power consumption and monitoring battery voltage with an accurate voltmeter. Don't shut the bile off unless the battery is reading at least 12.6 volts.

If you ride where a headlight is not required to be on in the daytime you can wire a switch to shut it off. That doesn't help at night. You could convert your headlight to HID which will free up another 20 watts or so. Swapping out the taillight bulb for an LED unit will give back another 5 watts." -procycle
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