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perfect background can't be any better. those hills inspire me to learn and try harder cuz i wanna do some hill climbs.

jimmy emphasized to develop the skill to balance the bike while stationary or moving; there you go folks, that's $20 worth of advice

dancing while the class is in session is totaly rude.....

jimmy and i are about the same height. he gave us pointers on how to switch on both sides of the bike without causing it to tip over; proper foot and body positioning, hopping and timing are keys

don't mind the others, they are all slow learners, but eric this dude is a prodigy

paul got it made, the 450 exc was so balanced and all he had to do is hop on it

john did very well even he was on a big bike

chris took some magic pills earlier, which gave him the feeling of being in the clouds.....j/k
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