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Question Geometry

Originally Posted by a1fa
What kind of geometry is that?
Not sure of the question but I think what yor asking is to do with the correct rake and trail of the fork and the angles of the linkage and the shock relationship.

If the fork is too steep this will make the bike awsome in the single track (slower speed & tight and windy) But it will make it unstable/suseptable to head shake at higher speeds. On the otherhand if you have the fork raked out (like a chopper) to much it will make the bike stable at speed but turn like a boat at the slower stuff. Hence a happy medium must be found to make the bike complient in a range of terrains

The other part to all of the geometry is the shock, swingarm and linkage ratios. If you change all of this too much you may have a situation where the rear wheel progression through the stroke will be affected. This will change the leverage on the shock causing problems with the valving in the shock. Solution Copy somthing that works already. All points were transfered across from another bike.
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