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Laugh A Village Named Rayones With Endless Canyons

We all might think that would be nonsense to go out and ride, more even in the middle of this struggling moments, when things are going from relative calm to suddenly crazy chaos, then go back to semi-normal, and so on. And if oneself allows to get mentally caught into these tangle of events, then, would be down the drain all our ideals about riding to see places, meet people, and be able to listen to oneself into our helmet, those endless exhalations of expressions full of unintelligible words, caused by the stunning views.

Those views that can be seen at every turn of the road, and after every hill ahead.

And resolutely determined, I have chosen not to get drag and swallowed by the aforementioned going on situation, so once again I loaded the bike, and parted away with a strong goal for a good mental relaxation.

Behind our backs was fading away Reynosa. In mental snapshots I was still thinking about the news of the night before, a cartel fight that lasted more than 4 hours at Matamoros (as per media info). I shake my head and soon with the miles getting under, my mind was eager to see again those beautiful scratched mountains.

Behind me are coming three more riders; Andres, Pecas and Cory, wanting to ride the unknown road, wanting to see things we have seen before on media, but this time wanting to be right there, eating our own dust, looking at the clearest sky ever, smelling the morning dew.
Then we meet Seņor Juan and go into his neat humble shack, up in the hill, and drink the coffee just brewed on the clay jar, eat scrambled eggs, eggs just picked from the hen’s nests.
We listen to him talking about his living, how he get some pesos from harvesting his walnut trees on one season, and other season selling avocados from his orchard.[/font]
He tell us about his family, 3 daughters and 6 sons, most of them adults already, spreaded in Monterrey, USA, and Rayones.

We finished a delicious breakfast and I ask for a glass of water, after drinking it, I ask him how they get their water, he tells me that is coming right from the stone hole where the ANCON Waterfall is born. Sweet !!.

Right out of the shack I can see a black hose leaking water, crossing from here to there, and he explains that the hose is attached right to the water coming out from the stone, some 200 meters up the mountain, and runs downhill to his place. More pure can’t be!!

So, how come we do not do this more often? Is only mere 200 miles from our home.
I think that, it is possible that the chaos is devouring us….

And the RR pictures are proving how wrong I am of not to spend more time riding out there, even for a couple days.

thanks to Pecas for this pic! you rock men.


We got lost, we got down (at last pata de perro went down ), we got hungry, we got scared, but we got plenty of hapiness.


" If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself " - Max Ehrmann
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