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Originally Posted by SonHomme
For deep sand, what if you put your side stand IN your helmet and then turn using your technique. I know it is far fetched but when you are tired... and you save your foot!
What do you think?
I'm presuming you're joking?! - as that would be a surefire way to fu*k your helmet!

The side-stand technique is for turning round on hard/er ground (in reply to the video above) - the technique in the sand that Cummo showed is primarily for getting the bike unstuck, a byproduct of which is the bike is typically now facing the other way, which on a dune especially is what you want, so you can ride back down and have another go...

Metropolis' idea of having a a puck (either a plastic one or thin plywood, which is a little more durable) either in the cargo pocket of your riding pants or a jacket pocket is certainly not a bad idea - I always carry one trail riding, and racing too... if only so you can stop in the sand for a pee...

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