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Thanks for adding the videos and keeping this going while I was gone.

I've gone round and round on ideas. I'm not a hydraulic wiz, so I tried to stick w/ what I knew I could fix or beef up if it broke. One other reason I wanted to stick w/ the "Original" idea of the chains and shafts was to give the parts a good work-out. Chains and sprockets also allows me to change my front drive % pretty easily. Currently I'm at 60% front drive. So 1 full rotation of the rear tire is 6/10 up front. The front wheel only drives when the rear wheel slips. I have built it so I can test 60%, 70%, 80% by swapping chains and sprockets. I've only tested the 60% so far, the higher you go the sooner the front wheel starts to pull.

When I talk to riders about this system on smaller bikes (530-250) everyone seems to think that the system is week and will break at the first bump. If I could get a system to last on the 950, my thoughts were that should help convince people it does work. Now that I have a working TEST bike, I plan to keep tweaking and modifying things. Testing new ideas as time and funds allow.
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